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Thursday, January 1, 2009


Believe it or not I am still up. It is now 1:00 am and the new year is here. where did this year go? I know you hear that every year, but really, where did it go? It seems just a few months ago we were beginning the new 2008 session with 8 new girls. On Monday, January 5, we will begin our new 2009 session with 8 new girls. Michelle and Tanya are still here. They came in as residents in the 2008 session and now they are helping to get the mission ready for the new session. Both of them will have been here for one year tomorrow.
Wow what a day it has been. We have worked so hard. The clothes closet, art room and supply room have all been moved and reorganized. The Utility room has been rearranged. We swept and mopped all the floors downstairs. The Dormitory has been cleaned. The beds are made and the bathrooms are newly supplied with towels and toiletries. We still need to clean the movie room and front porch. The office is a mess. I guess those will be tomorrow's assignments. We still need to retype the handbook and get the schedule and loads of other paperwork ready before Monday. We need help!!!!!!!!
We are praying that Michelle and Tanya are going to stay this session and help out. We do not have much to offer outside of housing, food, clothes and a small weekly cash allotment for gas and free time. I feel they really want to give back to others and are willing to dig in and work hard here as house missionaries. It is amazing how God can take something that seems so worthless to the world and make something totally new for Him. We still need someone to run the kitchen. Is there anyone out there who would love to volunteer in our kitchen? Someone who loves the lord and would love to spend their days in a beautiful home on 10 acres of out of this world land showing others that Jesus is the answer to any problem they have. We try to live a simple life while showing others the truth of Jesus Christ. To think that Scott and I did everything as volunteers for the first 2 years.
Once again, Pat and Bobby worked all day with us. They are wonderful volunteers who spend every Wed on their day off to help at the mission. We really really appreciate them. We now have a new front door, thanks to Scott and Bobby. We also have four new windows that were donated for the front of the mission thanks to some wonderful people. I am sure Scott and Bobby will have those placed in within the next few weeks.
Well time is slipping away. Remember 2009 is our time! Lets make the best of it. Happy New Year!

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