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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Rainy days and Mondays

Today has been a rainy cold day. It seems that the world should slow down on days like this BUT not at the mission. I have been feeling under the weather today so I did actually get to lay around a little leaving Scott to do all the office work. He had to answer all the calls, HA! He left several things for me to do in the morning.

We have interviewed several girls for the January session. They all seem to be ready to start a clean sober life. Part of me is excited about what is coming and the rest of me is feeling some sort of dread at starting over with a new group of girls. It is always difficult to start a new session. God is always faithful and patient and guides us through. I have come to understand one thing to be true, without God this mission would be impossible.

The girls we have been working on transition with have slowly made different choices with in lives. Sometimes this is so difficult especially when you know they are making choices that may lead them back into addictive behaviors. It is at this point you MUST trust God to do what only He can do. Transition is a time they also have to learn to trust God and depend upon God instead of a drug. It seems that God is showing us that transition is not part of the plan for the mission at this time.

We have enjoyed the quiet evenings here at the mission while the house is empty but the days have been very hetic. Everyone asks how we are enjoying our break. We just laugh to ourselves at the word break. We have not had much of a break. So, for the time being we will enjoy our quiet evenings and early mornings. Until next time ...............

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