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Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Calm after the Storm...

Today has been very busy yet rather calm. It seems we deserved a calm day after all the commotion yesterday. The four girls left are settling into their new rooms and the routine of things around here. L took them on a walk to the old cabin on the hill and the crosses at the top of the hill. We came up with the idea a couple of years ago to reenact the carrying of the cross before Easter Sunday. Scott made a huge cross and we held a special service and then the men from our Friday night group took turns carrying the cross up the hill behind the mission. Once we were there we sung some songs (lead by bobby & Pat) and had prayer and dropped the cross in the ground. It looked so beautiful on the top of hill that I decided we needed to display 3 crosses and a bench for a place of meditation and prayer. One of our past residents took an old piece of wood and printed scripture on it and we mounted it to one of the trees. It is absolutely breathtaking up there. I think the girls enjoyed their walk even though it was chilly outside. So besides the regular classes, phone calls, scheduled meeting, etc., all was rather calm.

I look forward to next week when we will be able to start our regular schedule. It has been challenging to come up with random daily schedules to fit the needs of the mission as we are waiting to fill the beds. If all goes well and It fits into Gods plan, we will have all beds filled next week. I am happy to say that our youngest daughter will be able to come on each Thursday to help out in Art therapy and writing group as part of her credits for college this semester. It should be both interesting and beneficial to have her here.

As this week progresses I can see the need for Scott and I to have more time away. We very seldom get to be alone. We are praying that we can get some type of housing (for us) outside of the mission started or maybe even completed this year . This would open up the apartment we live in for housing for someone to help here at the mission. Lord, let it be!

Today is almost gone and tomorrow is in sight. It could be we are just experiencing the eye of the storm and tomorrow the rest of the stor.........y begins.

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