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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday Night's all Right.......

It's Saturday night and it's raining and I just heard thunder. The weather is crazy! We go from snow to Frigid cold to cold rain to 60 and a thunder storm. WOW! Well, anyway. I just finished cleaning around in our apartment. The Office is still a mess. I just do not think we can get everything done that we need too. I suppose this will be my first little test for the new year. Just let it go, Patty. That's hard for me, but, we have church tomorrow and 3 of the first 8 girls are coming in tomorrow evening, so, I will have to let something go.

I am anxious and I am feeling some sense of dread. It is always hard to get a new group of girls into the swing of being clean and starting over. There are so many things they have to stop and for many of them it will be "cold turkey". No cigarettes, very little caffeine and no DRUGS! We will see just how many of them really want a new life. The upcoming week will tell the story. We will hear the same old complaints, "I do not think I can do this or I do not think I want to do this", "I want to go home", I can do this on my own". "I need a cigarette". Trying to get them to stick around long enough to clear their heads and see things more positively is almost impossible. Thank you God that you are a God that makes things possible!

Michelle and Tanya will be here tomorrow evening. I hope all this works out for them and us. I pray that they will stay and help out. We need help desperately. We have had so many of the girls who get clean and want to stay and help. It never seems to work out the way it needs to. They both seem to be very motivated. Let it be, Lord, let it be.

Well, the rain is still coming down. I can hear it beating against the metal roof. It sounds so peaceful. I guess I will enjoy the rest of the evening and try to rest. This is our last Saturday night without a house full new girls. So, I am going to stop and take time to let this Saturday evening soak in. It's all good and it's all right......

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