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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome to My Garden.....

Good Morning America!


Welcome to My Garden.......

My friends kid me and say you have more flowers than veggies, but it is not true.  I have lots of Veggies and they are looking good.....so far.

I was excited this morning, "I have Beans"!

And the cabbage looks good!

I have several types of Peppers, Banana, hot banana and Jalapeno. 


And lets not forget the Tomatoes!!!!

See the little weed hiding out around my tomato plant?

The Roma's are loaded and looking good!  They are my favorite.

Gardening reminds me of our Spiritual life.   Much like we have to work the soil, pulls the weeds, water and fertilize the plants when needed to reap the harvest.  We also have to work our spiritual life much the same way.

Our Spiritual food is the Word of God.
It fertilizes and gives us Life!

We need the "Son" living inside us to bring light to the Word...and we grow!

Grow in love.

Grow in Peace.

Grow in Patience, Kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control! 

We yield a Crop and others begin to reap the benefits of our harvest!

The Fruit of the Spirit. 

And let's not forget to weed regularly.  The weeds are the (sin) we may have in our lives!
Do not allow the weeds to overtake you!
Pull weeds everyday for a beautiful garden.

Blessings and May your garden grow both physically and Spiritually!



  1. Patty, your garden looks so wonderful. Ours is about finished for the summer, and we will be thinking about starting plants for the fall and winter. It's hard to think of that when it is sooooooo hot! I love your sign on the fence piece. Perfect!!!!

    There is nothing better than a garden, the work it brings, and the harvest it yields to remind us of our spiritual life. Thank you for that. It does seem that it only takes a day or two of neglect and the "bad stuff" is right there read to take over.

    That cabbage looks soooooo good!!!!

  2. What a beautiful garden you have...oh, I can smell those green beans now...I do have a pot of them on the stove right now for supper tonight- LOL.
    We are all God's garden and I wish to be a constant bloomer...great message this morning.
    Big hugs- Tete

  3. Beautiful garden Patty, God has truly Blessed. Our garden is pretty, too. Been enjoying new potatoes, sweet onions, lettuce and cucumbers. Everything else is coming along just fine. Have a great and glorious day.

  4. Beautiful garden! We didn't plant one this year due to it dried up last year. I have been going to the local farmers market. Buying from them has given me a good heart feeling.

  5. Beautiful garden! Love seeing all of the fresh vegies. Have a great day!


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