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Thursday, November 17, 2011

An early Christmas Present......

Our daughter requested for Christmas from her
Mom and Dad
 a new built-in entertainment system. 
Right in the middle of building and re-doing here at the "old-new" Home,
someone has the audacity to request something to be built for Christmas....
the nerve! 
 Being the good Mom and Dad we are.....
of course we said yes. 
We spent part of our 3 days off last week at our daughters
 building her Christmas present. 
We actually completed the project in 1 1/2 days
and I must say....
it is beautiful.

Step one:  We started things off by painting the background which would be the actual size of the system.

Step Two:  My husband built the lower cabinets for each side.

Step three:  He then built the Tall upper cabinets which were placed over the lower cabinets.

Step Four:  He added some molding.....
it really made the whole thing come together.

A closer look at the molding.....

Of course the mantel needed a little more molding and work.....
this is before the caulking and painting, of which was my job.
 ( Have I told you how tired I am of painting...blah!)

The Last Step:  Adding the cabinet doors:

This is how the finished product looks from the upstairs area:

I think it looks great!

One gift done and many others to go....
Merry Christmas Whitney and Brett.

Oh ya, our oldest daughter has requested something to be "built" for her daughters.
oh well......

Blessings  to ya"all and May your gifts be many.



  1. It is so pretty! I know it means so much that you built this for her! Hope you got lots of rest after that job. :)


  2. Wow Patty! I just don't think there is anything you two can't do. It is beautiful. What a great Christmas present.

  3. Wow! That is gorgeous! Your daughter is quite lucky. You are quite talented. That would have taken me weeks!

  4. My goodness, that's a wonderful job.
    To bad you guys don't live near me. I've been looking at entertainment/fireplace(electric). Found one I really liked, but just not sure -$850.

  5. wow! How pretty. You all are like Deb and Michael. They build and paint for all of us. That is beautiful.She is a blessed girl. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Wow! Impressive I must say! I am sure your daughter will think of you both with warm thoughts and a thankful heart everytime she looks at it.

  7. Well, it is beautiful. Great job and I'm sure she'll cherish and be so proud of the quality craftsmanship forever. Now, let me tell you what I want for Christmas since you're taking orders.


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