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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Word Wednesday.....

An exclamation expressing astonishment of admiration
To impress and excite (someone) greatly
There are so many Major WOW moments in our lives....
bridal followers in wedding
Mother and baby camel..
Birth of a child.......(pinterest)
isn't this the cutest....
then there are those that just catch us by surprise....
Free crochet patterns for cute stuff :)
then there are those that catch our eye....
details I like: wooden dining table, a bench on the other side for more seating (because I've always imagined my table to be full of friends and family), the legs of the table (what great detail!), the rug • 1850′s American farmhouse in Rhinebeck, NY • photographed by Emily Gilbert for Rue Magazine • via decor8

Decor Naturel: A Texas Farmhouse Bathroom

One of the greatest WOW moments for me was when I understood
the simplicity of this great little song..

Love that this subway sign has Jesus Loves Me on it.  Great message that we all need to remember!
       Jesus Loves me!
That impresses and excites me greatly
and causes me to express myself
  with an exclamation of astonishment.

                  And He loves you too!


Heart gloves


  1. a big amen for that..you make my day so good reading this...i can go to work with that nice thought thank sister

  2. Love your encouraging messages! If you haven't had a chance yet I wanted to bring your attention to a post called Emergency and a Miracle...it's from last May. Thanking God for all my blessings today!

  3. Definitely one of my favorite Christian songs, and it is so try. Super post. Hugs, Marty

  4. Definitely is a wow moment to realize God loves us! No matter who we are or what we've done, he still loves and cares for us.

    PS - I love the birth of a child photo! Following you now via google friend connect :)

  5. You now have me singing Yes Jesus Loves meeeeee
    Yeeeees Jesus loves meeeee Yes Jesus looooves meeeee the bible tells me so... THANK Patty!

    WHAT a lovely post. I love your word Wednesday shares and I am... wowed! Clicking to your site: My Mountain Blessings all by itself brings joy. Giving God thanks... sure does bring focus where it needs to be. You are a treasure Patty Sumner!

  6. WOW is right!! Such a sweet little song...with a HUGE message :)

  7. Wow is such a great word, isn't it? And it is definitely a wow moment when the depth of Jesus Loves Me finally sinks in. We learn so much and try to go so deep into the message of the Bible, yet it all boils down to that simple message of Jesus' Love and what that means for us. I, too, find myself singing that little tune more often in my older age than before. So glad to see you back here --- I'm catching up!!!


  8. Hey girl .. This is your new blogging sister.. Thanks for following me on The Rusty Pearl.. I am so glad that you did . I love wonderful blogs like yours... and sweet new friends... I commented back to you on mine.. CHECK it out... GIRL ..this blog is awesome... and when you can feel someones spirit even thru their writing ..well that is a blessing for me.. Cant have too many sweet friends.................. Have my contacts on sister.. and if there is typos... WELL need to put on those glasses I am staring at LOL Have a blessed week .. AND you can count on me being a regular sista !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thanks for the reminder to treasure the WOW moments. Love the baby camel.

  10. I like your word, I use it often. I love the "wow" moments in life, I like surprises! It is surprising to me every day to know that Jesus loves me, I'm so glad for that.
    Have a lovely weekend, Cindy


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