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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Word Wednesday

Welcome to Word Wednesday......

Today's Word is....

           The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something,
esp. to do something creative: 
"flashes of inspiration".

Pinterest is full of wonderful splashes of inspiration...

burlap bird.......so cuteMMS Mustard Seed Yellowrustic farm table

Pinned Image

I actually have a piece just like this....
Right now it is painted black.
I am so going to paint it some sorta of green/blue
 for our new Farmhouse...

  "Blog Land"....yes, Inspiration galore!

Like Tammy over at ourneckofthewoods.net

Yes, it is chickens..
I soooo want a chicken coup with feathered friends at our Farmhouse...
Tammy so inspires me with her Farmhouse fancies..



 Holly has such great earthy style....
I love all of her wonderful creations...
There are so many wonderful bloggers out there..

And Sherry over at www.therustypearlshop.blogspot.com

Sherry makes me smile.
Her love for decorating and the Lord
is evident in her posts..

"Blog land" has it all...
Prims, cottage, farmhouse, shabby...
Devotional posts..
Well, you get it.

 Another definition for Inspiration:

Divine guidance or influence exerted
directly on the mind and soul of humankind.
We are inspired by great speakers...

I Looovvveee Beth Moore
She has a way of sharing the Word of God...
She inspires me to study and memorize the Word!
Which indeed inspires my very soul
therefore changing my mind..

We are inspired by books....

One of my all time faves...
Made me think about my life...
and ask this question more...
"What would Jesus do?"
We are inspired by individual' testimonies or stories...
 My hubby...
His devotion to the Word...
His family...
To those in need....
Only God could do this..
He inspires me to walk with the Lord..

And Jennifer Hudson

Wow!  What a testimony to weight loss..
and she is keeping it off....
I so want to do this....
Inspiration pleassee!

Amy Harris...

Amy was one of the victims in last years
Tornado outbreak in Ky.
Amy lost her leg and had many other injuries.
Many times they thought she would not make it.
But she did...
Amy's faith, positive attitude and wonderful smile
inspires me to be a better person!
I look forward to her facebook posts each day.

So many great inspirations.....
People, things, projects, blogs, books...

All inspiring us to act...
To change.....
To create....

My all time inspiration....
is that of Jesus!

He was a craftsman...
Can you imagine the beautiful things he
made as a carpenter...

I would like to think that his craftsmen skills
helped him prepare for his mission here on earth.

He was great speaker/teacher.
He healed...
He feed the hungry..
Prayer Warrior....
He was the greatest example of love...
He died (for us)....
and best of all..
He lives (for us)!

That should inspire us to live for Him!

What Inspires you?

Who or what are your inspirations?

When I choose to follow someone in blog land..
It is because they Inspire me in some way..

Thank you Ladies!




  1. Inspiration is a beautiful word! You are right about all that we are lucky enough to experience with just the tap of a finger. I'm doing my first Beth Moore bible study, Revelation. She amazes me!

  2. Awesome post, Patty! Where are you moving to? You can email me or leave me a PM on FB if you'd rather. I didn't know you were moving til I saw you have your house for sale. Just don't move too far away, okay? ;) Hugs!!

  3. Hi Patty,
    I am so glad I stopped by. This post was really inspiring to me.
    Love that your hubby studies the Word. Awesome!!

  4. You asked who inspires us. I am inspired by all those who are not ashamed to speak the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, such as yourself. Thanks Patty for your inspirational posts.

  5. Hi Patty,
    Yes inspiration is a great word! Lots of people inspire me and of course our Lord Jesus Christ is the best example to inspire our world! Love your pictures and the buffet you have must be gorgeous as the green one is just so beautiful! Love all your sources of inspiration and isn't Pinterest just so cool...can keep track of things I like all in one place! Have a great week!
    Miss Bloomers

  6. Oh My goodness! You have inspired me!!!! Love that farm table! Love it all!

  7. WHAT a good word! INSPIRATION! Loved all the people and photos you shared for sweet inspiration.... and I'd add one more if you don't mind: Patty Sumner- a sister in Christ I haven't known very long but who is an encourager and teacher and Jesus lover!! SHE TOO inspires me!!!

  8. Patty, what a beautiful post! Love all of your inspiration photos. Pinterest is so much fun and soooo addictive. I want to try everything I see,lol.
    Jesus is my all time inspiration as well... has been always and will be forever.

  9. WOW!!!!! Now I'm inspired!!! It's amazing how it is so contagious!!! Your excitement over things just spilled over to ME today. I LOVED that buffet and have a few pieces that look so "dead" next to that. I'm "inspired to do it and bring them new life. I love that book, What would Jesus Do? I remember seeing the movie when I was a teenager. It was a life changer for me. And Pinterest????? It is pure inspiration! I saw some handstamped, primitive muslin ribbon there, and I was more than inspired ----- I'm OBSESSED!!!! You always inspred me, Patty! You point us all to look up into the Savior's face, and I always go away blessed! Thank you!

  10. I love this... I get inspiration from so many things in a day as well. In so many areas of my life. I think the best inspirations are the ones that hit the heart & makes me want to be a better person. You are an inspiration to so many as well... full of encouragement! :)

  11. Awwww, you are so sweet! I'm happy that you enjoy my posts. I always feel inspired and blessed when I visit here! Your warmth and joy is so evident in your posts and I always leave feeling uplifted. So glad we found each other in blogland :)

    Pinterest is a definite source of inspiration for me. So much out there! I also am inspired by blogs, magazines, tv shows, nature, food...I can find inspiration in the strangest places! It's out there if you look :)

  12. Hi Patty,
    Everything here is such an inspiration and of course our Saviour at the top of the list. And, you are one special inspiration too. Your post reflects that and I was blessed with my visit.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Thank you also for stopping by and your birthday greeting. Have a special weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  13. Hi Patty! So happy to "meet" you and to welcome you as a follower on my blog! I had to smile when you commented on my post that you don't like cream cheese, except on carrot cake. My youngest daughter is exactly the same way.

  14. What uplifting thoughts you have shared! It is so easy to see the failures in mankind, but you find the success stories and share them to encourage others. So nice♥


  15. Hi Patty!
    Just popping in to catch up. Somehow, I thought I was a follower of your blog...I guess not. I AM NOW!!!
    So glad I came over...how did I NOT know you're moving!? This is so exciting. I've enjoyed reading the posts on your new home and new adventure.
    This post was inspiring to me.
    I have loved meeting creative, smart, Christian homemakers through blogging.
    ...now that I'm officially following you, I'm sure I'll be inspired by you all the more.



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