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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Word Wednesday

Welcome to Word Wednesday!!!
I am so happy to say that I am feeling much better
with the exception of this not so sunny Spring weather we are having.
It is making me feel a little "hum drum".
"Hum-drum" you say.....
Yes, "Hum-drum".....
lacking variety, boring, dull.
Routine, monotony, Archaic.....
This weather if becoming very "hum-drum"!
Snow, rain, clouds and cold temps....
Blah, Blah, Blah!
Come on Spring......
I am ready for Sunshine, flowers,
the smell of fresh cut grass, bare feet, dry ground...
and Warmth!!!

A season that hangs on to long.....
Can definitely give us the feeling of "hum-drum".
The same thing can happen in our Spiritual life....
We can actually end up with the "Spiritual hum-drums".
Do you ever find that your spiritual life is boring?
If all you do is sit and listen, listen, and listen to the Word without ever taking
steps to apply it to your life
you will soon reach a place where you are actually bored.
Thinking, not another sermon.....
Not another Bible study...
Reaching for another book...
Looking for new ways to "perk" up your spiritual life.
There is one primary reason why people get spiritually bored.
Simply this...
Knowledge without application will eventually become boring and unfulfilling.
You will come to a place where you've heard, heard, and heard
so much of the
Word that you are sick of hearing it!
You read, read, read so much that you cannot even
remember what you read...
Sad but true...
The problem does not lie in the Word....
The problem lies within us...
The Word was meant to be acted upon on..
Responded to...
But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
James 1:22
 So if you just sit and listen to more and more sermons,
gathering more and more information but never
act upon what you've heard,
You are more likely to end up with the Spiritual "hum-drums".
Have you found yourself seeking someone or something
to spice your Spiritual life?
We get bored because we are not living out
or applying
the Word you have heard and read over
and over again.
Personal application of the Word to an indivduals life is a must!
If we could just simply learn to "apply" the Word daily...
Taking time to make it personal....
We would never be bored!
Don't let the Spiritual "Hum-drums" take over.....
When you hear the Word preached....
As you are reading the Word....
ask yourself these questions....
What verse really caught my attention?
Why did this verse catch my attention?
What is God saying to me personally?
What am I going to do about?
The Word is meant to change us.....
If ....
Your life is not changing because of the Word.....
You just may have the Spiritual "hum-drums".


  1. Lots to think about here. Wishing you non hum-drum days!

  2. So glad you are feeling better. Read it, Believe it,Receive it, Live it!

    Such a needful post...words of wisdom...indeed. Thanks Patty


  3. Hi patty,
    What a wonderful inspirational post. You always know just the right words to post.
    Many of us arguing through this - besides tithe spiritual we need some good ole sunshine.


  4. Such good advice and inspiration! The weather has really put me in a hum-drum kind of mood lately, and it is spilling over into all aspects of my life. Not good! It's strange how the weather can affect our mood so much. I'm just waiting for some warm weather.

  5. So very true! Currently my life (spiritual and otherwise) is NOT hum drum. But, I've been there before! Changing a routine is usually what helps me. Finding a new author or TV speaker (I only discovered Joyce Meyer a couple years ago...Wow!) often opens my eyes. Changing the way I do a devotional also helps. I subscribed to Ravi Zacharias online...called Slice of Life...and it pops up in my inbox everyday. I read that and it is so inspiring! Glad you're feeling better......maybe Spring has been sick too and that's why it never showed up!

  6. Patty Cakes...is it really you ? ? ? ? I did the happy dance when I saw your blog and beautiful message.. I just love you girl already ..YOUR GOOD PEOPLE !!!HUGS to you and wishing that you and your beautiful family have a blessed Easter .... TOODLES ..(SHHHH that is my new word ) LOL

  7. Thank you for these words of wisdom Patty.

  8. Wish I could trade you days...down in Houston it is sunny and 70 everyday but I grew up in New England and I miss having at least SOME snow!!

    I hope you'll come back to the Farmhouse Porch and link this up at my linky party this Tuesday! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment♥


  9. True true true! Life application.... --- In some ways the ho hum turns into ... a numb fog. I sat in my prayer closet outdoors last night and was feelin kind of distant from God even though I know He's with me. I can hardly explain it but... I've been barely "warm" and we know what He thinks about that. !!! I'm glad I read here tonight Patty I'm glad you're feelin better!!! Lea

  10. Thank you so much for sharing! What a blessing that God speaks to us from His Word and He is never changing.

  11. Hey Patty, this is a great post, so true. He said, draw nigh unto me and I will draw nigh unto you, and when He is nigh, the hum drums go away, and glory rolls. We can always count on you to write something to lift us up.
    Have a Blessed day, Trisha


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