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Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet Sunday Scripture....

I know many of you have heard the old saying,
" A day late and a dollar short".
Well, here it is Monday and I am posting my "Sweet Sunday Scripture".
How is that for a day late?
Sometimes we get so caught up in the
"busy-ness" of the day....
We find the day is over.
We did not get to do
the things we really wanted to
or needed to.....

There are just some things to important
to allow to slip by:
In the morning, O Lord,
you hear my voice;
in the morning I lay my requests before you. . . .
Psalm 5:3 (NIV)

As a believer, my time with God is important....
Regular communication helps with any friendship
and is definitely necessary
for a strong relationship with God.
Since our move, I am having trouble finding
The right place...
The time....
and the motivation
for my time with God...
I am failing.....
Big time!
:( :( :(
The "busy-ness" of my days.......
painting, packing, organizing........
and visits from the Grands....:)
has overwhelmed me....
Oh, I long for that wonderful place
to sit and talk with our Lord....
To read and meditate on His Word....

In the mornings,
Our minds are more free from problems
and we can freely commit the whole day to God.

We need to communicate with him daily.
No one to blame but myself.....
How about you.....
Are you communicating with Him Daily?
Do you have a regular time and place that you meet with Him?
A regular time to pray and read God's Word?
Enjoy your week!
Take time to stop and smell the flowers
and spend a little time with the one who made them!!


  1. I think we all have times like this that we go through, but the older we get the less the time and space we put in between those times. We learn and we retrace our steps until we are in line with him again. I do this more often than I would like to, but it doesn't take me long to regroup again. I like to talk to him when I am weeding the most. I have a lot of quiet time. I make it.

  2. Beautiful post Patty, and so true. We always try to do our bible study at 9:00 PM, sometimes we are a little earlier or a little later, but, usually it is 9:00, it is good to have a set time and stay as close to it as possible. Have a beautiful and Blessed week, Trisha

  3. Uh Oh! This hit me too Patty, I HAVE to do better. Thank you so much for the reminder. I need to spend more time with Him than ever. He is sooooo good.

  4. It is hard when you are so busy and the day seems to get away from you, but it is important to keep your priorities straight. Thank you for the reminder :)

    Love your photos - especially the sun shining through the swing! Looks so beautiful in your neck of the woods.

  5. After my parents died 2 years ago, I took a year off. During that time, I got up every morning and walked and had my special time with the Lord. I've been back to work since November and I long for those long extended times in prayer and the study of His Word. I'm hoping to go part time soon. I heard someone say one time, "McDonald's is great, fast food, quick and easy, but who wants to eat it everyday." We need the meal at His table just as we need a good meal. Thanks for your sweet comments.

  6. I've been caught up in the "busy-ness" lately too :( I saw a sign recently that said "Exercise Daily...Walk with the Lord". Thought that was a good reminder!!

  7. Patty,
    Well I guess somehow I didn't realize you were moving..missed those posts. I enjoy your scriptures and yes sometimes we are just too busy. I think with moving and renovating a house you are more than busy and rightly so. I went back and looked at your posts that I missed and your new home is lovely! I know you have some work ahead but you will so love it all when it's done! We bought a fixer -upper too and love the lot we are on but boy the house was outdated! God taught me to be a more patient person through this home. I'll be praying for you to find your quiet place and time...we all have to have that time and I'm guilty for not taking time as I should. Thanks for the reminder and your sweet visit!
    Miss Bloomers

  8. You've had so much going on Patty...
    I hope and pray you find a very special place to have your time with the Lord. A brand new place... that becomes just as special as the last.

  9. And I'm late wishing you a great week! Hope it was.

  10. Hi Patty,
    Boy did I need to read your post today! I need to stop and refresh each morning with my devotionals. I think I'll catch up tonight and be back on track in the morning. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    Thanks too for dropping by and "visiting" our new home.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Between moving, having a baby and working in the last year, the rhythm of setting some time each day for myself to be with the Lord hasn't been consistent.

    But, I am happy that I have gotten into the habit of reading my children bible stories during breakfast.

    I hope you get in your new groove soon!


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