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Sunday, August 18, 2013

One Man's Junk is another Man's Treasure....

One Mans Junk is another Mans Treasure......
A few weeks ago I hit.......and I mean hit it running
the 127 North to South Road Route called...
"The World's Longest Yard Sale"..
Several of us road in my brothers huge double cab truck....
That thing was super hard to climb in and out of.....:(
3 kids and 3 adults....
The kids loved it too...
There is something for everyone!
We successfully filled the truck completely up..
We had to tie things down so they would not fly away....lol
Here is just a few of my finds...

These beauty's cost me $25.00 for the pair..
Yes, you heard it right...
$12.50 per chair....
That is why I love the 127 Yard Sale....
You can find anything
and at great prices....

Look at all the curvy goodness...
They are a lovely pair of ladies....
They are curvy, sturdy and strong....
I have plans to recover them with this wonderful roll of burlap
that I got at Goodwill for $9.50
It has several yards on the roll.
It is a soft sturdy type of burlap used for reupholster
 More on those two later...

Love, love,love this old Farmhouse bench....

The dealer wanted $45.00 for her
I was able to get her for $28.00..
Yes, she cost me but she was so worth it...
She is about 6 foot long and has glorious chippy goodness....
The main color is an old grey with a white paint underneath..
She is perfect!!!
Isn't it wonderful when being old, wrinkled and worn is a good thing!

Wow! To think how a yard sale can change a person's junk
into another buyers treasure!
And that is how God operates in us too!
God uses what others throw away...

Each of us is valuable to God and to the body of Christ...

He has made each of us for a unique purpose..
regardless of what others may think of us...
God sees us as a valued treasure...

I bought this beauty at the local Vendor's Mall
A little paint....

1 Corinthians 1:26-29 states
But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.
He chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong.
And he chose what the world thinks is not important.
He chose what the world hates and thinks is nothing.
He chose these to destroy what the world thinks is important.
God did this so that no man can brag before him.”

In this scripture, Paul is telling the people of Corinth that they have received
 a “calling” or an invitation from God.
They have received it –
not others who are well-to-do,
strong, good-looking,
or have good connections with the right people.
He chose those who appeared “foolish”
(absurd, dull, thoughtless)
and those who appeared “weak” (feeble, impotent, sick)
to shame those who were considered “wise” and “mighty” in man's eyes.

In much the same way that One man's junk can be another mans treasure.

God sees value in YOU!
He sees what others do not.....

I guess you could say God is the Yardsale expert......

You are Special!!!
You are HIS treasure!!!!




  1. What fun Patty.
    Great idea for a chalkboard...you are so creative!
    Show us those chairs when your finished :0)

  2. What gorgeous chairs-and for a steal! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog-I'm happily following you back :)

  3. Love your finds! Love the scripture reference too.

  4. Don't you love bargains? You certainly found a few, too! Just shows you there are great finds out there!

  5. Hey Patty, I love all your treasures. So glad you got to go on the 127 Yard Sale. Your post is so true, and thank you for reminding us that God looks on the inside of man for real treasures.

  6. Love your new header and adore your treasure, but more, I adore the treasures, the gems from your heart. "For where your treasure you, there your heart is also." What precious reminder of what God has been teaching me. So glad to have your friendship among blogland and so appreciate your encouragement as I make this unfamiliar journey and new passage in my life. You, my friend, are a treasure!

  7. Wow, you really got some good deals! Awesome! I love yard sales and a good bargain :)

  8. I just loved all that stuff! And want it too! YOu got some great bargains for a great price! :)

  9. Wow..such great treasures..makes me want to go to some rummage sales or something

  10. I have always wanted to go to that yard sale! You found some great deals! Thank you for the recent visit and kind words! Have a blessed day, Tammy!

  11. Oh my goodness what a blessing. Looks like you hit the jackpot!!

  12. What great finds! Why is there nothing like that around our hometown? I love the chandelier...a little paint, I feel inspired to rework ours. And the door to chalkboard...how did you know we have a barn full of old doors just waiting for new life? Thanks for all the fun ideas!

  13. I'm so jealous!!!! Just think, if only you had had a BIGGER truck. . .????!!!! I love those chairs, but really, really LOVE that bench. And what a great idea with the chalkboard door thing. You are my kind of gal, for sure. Wish they had that kind of yard sale down here. And yes, we are all "junk to treasure", aren't we? What a blessed thought!


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