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Friday, November 15, 2013

What to do..........What to do....

As many of you know
I have recently moved from our Arts Craftsman cottage style home
 in the Mountains Kentucky
By the way, 
we sold this home to a wonderful young couple who are holding weekly Bible studies
in the dining room.......

To this wonderful old cape cod style Farmhouse in the rolling hills of Ky....

Now the dilemma......

The name of my blog.....

"My Mountain Blessings" 

Just no longer fits my life....
Oh yes,
 the blessing are still there 
and to be counted daily....
But no longer in the Mountains....,,:(

Should I go with a complete Title change.......
Maybe to 

"My Farmhouse Blessings".....

Do I just somehow incorporate a separate page.....

Please help...
I need your suggestions......

 To all you savvy blogger gals....
What do I do? 
How do I do it without loosing my past posts?
Help a gal out.....
What would you do?.....




  1. Hi Patty, You won't loose your post just by changing the blog title. As long as you don't delete anything like this blog. Just make a name change in your settings. The address will NOT be able to change using the same blog.
    For example, I used to be La Rea Rose years ago and changed to Celestina Marie Design. Although the new name is in search engines, the address is still the same and can't be changed from www. larearose.blogspot.com

    Loved your past home in the mountains and your new farmhouse is just gorgeous too. How about,
    "My Mountain of Blessings in a Farmhouse" Just a thought. All you then have to do is redo your header and it will stay similar in your blog address.
    Best wishes on it. I know you will figure is all out and it will be perfect.
    Have a great weekend.

    I hope this makes sense.

  2. Hi Patty--
    Ok first off... some how some where yours and my emails to each other are lost. Out there ...floating around somewhere... some of mine to you have bounced back...and some you say, are doing the same to you.
    Secondly... I wrote an email to you regarding the Chi-weenie... it is a Chihuahua Dachsund (weenie dog) MIX... and the one my daughter owns...is a chicken chaser! :/
    Now to more important matters. What to do about your blog...name, etc.
    Do you like MY MOUNTAIN Blessings? as a title? Since you no longer live in the mountains...do you feel fraudulent, or misleading... cause I don't really think that is the case. If you like it and are OK with it... I say keep it.
    I don't know how to tell you to change it...without losing your followers. Your posts, you can import and export off you blog and move it to another URL. You could just start a new blog ...and leave a Post here letting people know you've moved and they need to adjust their settings to follow you there.
    There are tons of ways to do it...MANY OF WHICH ARE BETTER THAN I'M SUGGESTING. ..but I'm not the person to ask.
    Years back when I first started out... I blogged under a different URL and title... then I changed the name of my blog...but not the URL....(which you could do if you wanted) and people would still come here and get your feed...but only the title would be changed. So anyway...I finally did the whole switch. I lost quite a few readers...but I also remember how happy I was the day my 'follwers count' went up 1 click past my old blog. I was relieved. :)
    Why did I change...because my previous blog name didn't fit me. It was Simply-Casual Cottage... JUST.NOT.ME. ...my blog name suits me now. People know me and follow me, because of the title of my blog.
    Ultimately the decision is yours. There are so many more helpful and savvy bloggers out there besides myself...and they will help you; but it is ultimately up to you. Whatever you decide...be fearless. And if you do get a little scared about switching but really want to...THEN DO IT AFRAID! :) ~Pat

  3. Patty, I have been the route of changing my blog around and I personally don't recommend it.

    Yes, you can save your posts and I will be glad to share what I did IF AND WHEN you decide to do that but

    I LOVE the name of your blog and I think you will be sorry if you change it.

    The 'mountain' can be figurative--it can refer to the mountaintop of blessings God chooses to place us on sometimes. And after all, Kentucky is a mountainous state so it could refer to your beautiful state overall--

    Anyway, those are just my opinions and I hope I didn't sound too bossy--smile!

  4. Hmmmm, I'm new to your blog, but I understand the dilemma. "My Farmhouse Blessings" seems to fit very well.
    Could you make this the title and put the older blog posts on another page? Or would this require your bog address changing too? In any case, I hope you can find a solution that will work for you with the least troubles.

  5. I think you should leave it as My Mountain Blessings, because you have mountains of blessings! Just a thought. Whatever you rename it we will be there for your wonderful posts.

  6. Patty, first let me say how beautiful your new home is and I don't think you should change your name. You like it and you must have a mountain of memories that you are bringing to the new place. Anyway I would be the last person you would want to ask how to do anything involving the computer. I'm surprised I can do as much as I do. I have been trying to put a "follow me on Pinterest" button for quite some time now and can't figure it out. I see you have done the same thing as me, you can get to Pinterest site but not your personal site. Is there something I'm missing with that?..Happy Weekend..Judy

  7. Hey Patty, I have always loved the name of your blog, but, I'm sure any name you call it will be fine with your readers. Have a Blessed day, Trisha

  8. Hmmm, that's a good question! You can always change the name of your blog, but of course the website url will stay the same. If you purchase your own domain name through blogger, you can choose any website address you want and can have your current BlogSpot address redirect to the new one. Everything will stay the same, and your blog will still have all the old posts.

    This is what I did a while back when I got the ourneckofthewoods.net domain name. I still have the BlogSpot address as well. It's only $10 per year for my .net domain name, so it's a good deal in my opinion! You can email me if you have any other questions or if this doesn't make sense haha. Good luck!

  9. Hi there :) I think if you change your name only and not the web address (which would still be mountain blessings) then you should be fine… My Farmhouse Blessings would be nice :)


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