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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sweet Sunday Scripture......

In honor of Superbowl Sunday.....
My Grandson made everyone in our house...
I have been awarded the "Best Nana Ever Trophy"!

This is our little artist....
and all the awards he made....
A little messy but worth it!
Everyone was the best at who they were....

Best Daddy....
Best Mommy...
Best Poppy...
Best Nana...
Best Aunt.....

He Said....
 "I would have made my little brother one...
but he would only eat it......" :)

It is good to be honored by your children
and your Grandchildren....

“Honor your father and your mother, 
that your days may be long in the land 
that the Lord your God is giving you."

Exodus 20:12

Have a great Superbowl Sunday!!!!




  1. Oh how precious! I will treasure every little piece that my baby boy give me. I did with my children-I have chests full of stuff. I keep telling them they have to take it to their houses. I just can't throw it away. The will:)

  2. Adorable!
    I love this. Not big on SuperBowl or Football-- I'm a big baseball fan.
    So...I'm cooking a pot of chicken and dumplins and waiting for Sherlock to come on tonight.
    ...and working on my knitting skills.
    All my littles are sick right now. They give the best hugs and kisses-- and tell Oma, that they love her.
    But...I'm trying to keep my distance and stay WELL!

    enjoy the superbowl and your Award!

  3. This is more than precious!!! Who cares who wins the super bowl! You won Best Nana!!! Yay!

  4. Best Nana. That's quite an honor! Such a sweet posting. It is indeed a wonderful day!

  5. Oh Patty, that is just too sweet, you deserve it! And, your grandson is a handsome fella plus an artist in the making.

    Enjoy the game


  6. How precious that he thought to do this and to make everyone 'THE BEST." We all need a little reassurance like that!

  7. And he should get the prize for being Best Grandson Ever!

  8. That is so very sweet! What a precious grandson you have :) I bet that made you feel wonderful!

  9. Hi Patty,

    How charming! Your grandson is so adorable. I hope everyone worn those super bowl trophies with pride!

  10. Can't think of better trophies, than to be loved and appreciated by those we love best. Have a sweet, sweet week!

  11. How sweet is this. Nothing like the grands!

  12. It is the greatest joy in life to celebrate grandchildren.
    He is so cute!

  13. Patty this is absolutely precious. I know your head is swelling with pride. Grandchildren are a Blessing. Trisha


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