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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sweet Sunday Scripture....

Today the birds are singing.....
The grass is ooooooing and aaaahhhhhhhhing....
Even my old man face seems to be smiling........
Look close....
Oh yes he is........

Even pretty little Esther the cat......
I call her "Essie Pearl"...
A real Southern name.....
is basking in the warmth of the sun.....

Oh Yes, What a day Glorious Day this is.....
and tomorrow....
Even warmer...
Can I hear a big Woooo whooooo......

As I was walking through my flowers.....
My quirky little garden bug.....
A gift from my daughter....
Was laying there legs up......

I guess he thought the Winter was never going to end.......
Soon he will be turned over....
and stand proudly among all the beautiful blooms......
He is definitely a good bug
to have in the garden......

 Even the Daffodils seem to be bending and wilting.......
from the last cold snap and snow....
But they are beginning to reach up....
Reaching for the Sun....
Oh Mr. Sun....

Have a blessed and wonderful Lord's Day....

2 Samuel 23:4
He dawns on them like the morning light,
 like the sun shining forth on a cloudless morning,
 like rain that makes grass to sprout from the earth.



  1. Beautiful spring photos. We're having cool, windy weather right now, but temperatures in the 70's are predicted for tomorrow. Our grass isn't sighing blissfully quite yet --- it's shaking off yesterday's rain. Lots of puddles here on the farm. It's all good, just like our Heavenly Father, in whom there is no shadow of turning! Isn't that wonderful? Sending blessings from here on the farm.

  2. Hi Patty, Blessings to you this beautiful Sunday. Essie Pearl is so sweet. Beautiful day today and even warmer tomorrow! Squeal!!! Hope you have a lovely week.

  3. Beautiful photography of the garden. Poor bug! I hope he peps up soon. Is that wisteria I spy?

  4. Hi Patty, looks like your garden is beginning to wake up from its winter nap. We have beautiful spring days ahead too. I've been afraid to pull the leaves off my beds, afraid to trim up the roses, hydrangeas and butterfly bushes because of the late winter weather we've had. Hopefully the next couple of weekends I can put in some garden time.

    The tree face looks like he's smiling to me too and Esther kitty certainly seems to be enjoying her time in the sun, how cute.


  5. Hi Patty!

    Thank you for showing me some sunshine - we got 7 inches of new snow today! I love your little old man, he's adorable, and he is smiling - most likely because he's not in Idaho today... :0)

    I'm looking forward to seeing your garden when all the flowers are in bloom - I'll just bet it is gorgeous! Esther is a beautiful cat, and I can tell she is ready for some warm weather.

    The scripture is perfect - God's love for us is like sunshine - He wants us to grow and feel His love daily!


  6. Glorious sunshine here too, Miss Patty. Love your post(as always)

  7. You are too cute, Patty :) Yay for warmer weather! We are supposed to have rain and snow all week - bah-humbug! I guess I should look at it on the bright side, we will get the moisture we need :)

    Beautiful post, sweet lady! I always enjoy viewing your lovely photos. Happy Monday!

  8. I love the old man in the tree. So cute and you can't help but to smile back at him.

  9. Love that garden bug! Please send springtime our way. :-)

  10. Yes, welcome to Spring.....indeed! Bless you friend

  11. Hello Patty. Yes, it has been a very harsh and long winter. I think we are all looking forward to spring. I loved to be in my garden to enjoy all the pretty flowers and little birdies that stop by. It was a blessed Sunday indeed. Thanks for visiting me. I do appreciate your sweet comment. PS, the scone and jam were delicious.


  12. Essie Pearl is so very pretty! It's a lovely name as well.
    Happy Spring!
    Laura of Harvest Lane cottage

  13. I love the daffodils in bloom! Ours just can through the ground this week. Isn't spring just wonderful? Love Essie Pearl!

  14. This is such a lovely post :) I love your old man face and the garden. It looks warmer there. I love how it ended with beautiful scripture. Anyway, I got an info of problem solving to following blog as Stephanie posted on her blog, and yay! today I did it :)
    Have a wonderful day Patty. Thanks for sharing.


  15. Sweet post. I love the spirit of your blog and the sharing of your faith.
    New follower,

  16. I am curious to know what the dormant tree is in the last picture. Are you expecting it to flower?

  17. Hello Patty,
    I came over to visit you rather quickly! I will agree with you , in that we do have much in common. :) Praise the Lord.
    Your poor little bug, he looked so helpless lying there on his back. He too will be very happy to see warmer weather since it appears he spent the winter outside. :)
    I am now following you and look forward to many more visits with you.

    "He shall come down like rain upon the mown grass: as showers that water the earth."
    (Psalm 72:6)

    The Lord bless you and keep you ever so close to Him.

    Joy! Debbie

  18. Reading this post is a very cheerful way to start the afternoon, thanks!!


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