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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I love Music!  all kinds but especially any type that brings honor to our Lord!  We have so many gifted artists in the Christian realm.  My sweet little husband has always joked when he catches me in a bad mood all he has to do is pop in a cd and soon I am whistling and on my merry way.  Music has a positive affect on me.  I always seem to be able to get so much done if I listen to music while I clean, garden, exercise, study (yes, I listen to music as I study) or whatever I find myself doing.  I keep my Ipod loaded and ready!  During Spring there is a new type of music that I have found myself listening to; the beautiful song of the birds. 

These wonderful creatures seem to come alive as the sun comes out and the landscape around us begins to bloom.  I can only imagine what they are saying as they sing out in song.  I know our Lord is blessed as his creation is singing out!

Each morning as the sun comes up we are awakened by the different chirping of the birds.  It is as if they are joining together in chorus to announce a new day.  Reminding us that the Lord has given us life and a new day to serve him.  It is also a great reminder that God with his wonderful mercy lets us start all over with a clean slate.  How Awesome is that?

So tomorrow as you hear the birds outside and begin to wake up.  Take time to say a little "thank you" to our Lord.......

Thank you father for allowing me to have another day.  A day to serve you.  A day that I can enjoy all your creation in both the birds I hear and the beauty I see.  Help me to focus on your mercy today.  A mercy that you freely extend to me, your creation.   May I extend that love out to someone else today.  May I carry along the way a song in my heart and a song of praise on my lips to you!

"I will tell of your wonders.  
I will be glad and rejoice in you;
I will SING to your name,
O most high God.
Pslam 9:2 


  1. Beautiful post Patty! Love ya muchly...Robyn

  2. wow I think I have found a kindred spirit in this blog. Music affects me the same way. Especially the kind that glorifies and lifts up the Lord and I think the music from the birds do that for it says all of creation should praise Him... Will be back to visit. God bless, Deb <><

  3. Thanks Deb for visiting.....Look forward to checking out your blog


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