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Monday, May 3, 2010

Going to Jail...........

Yes, I am going to jail today, but not to stay.........

The first Monday of each month I go to the Pike County Jail and teach the Bible Study part of a Biblical 12 step program.

 For the past 10 or so years I have either been running a rescue mission for Women or actually housing women in our home.  We would teach them how to overcome addictions, hurts and rejection through the power of the Word and by allowing Jesus Christ to become the center of their hearts and lives.  It was not always easy.  We tried to live each day as an example of what the power of Christ can do in ones life.  When the Lord called us away from the Rescue Mission back into the pastorate, I felt as if he was changing things up and ending the ministry I had labored in for the past 10 years.  Can I say, "GOD IS GOOD!"  He knows our heart. He created us and gave us the desires we have. After only a few short months the Lord made way for me to begin to visit the jail again and teach the Word.

I have always had a heart to help women understand their postion in Christ and the power of the Word (Bible).  I now have the opportunity to share that in the church and also in the jail.. How good is that? That is GOD good!!!!!! 

As many times as I have gone into the jail I still cannot get over the looks of despair and hopelessness you see.  There are so many small acts that we can do without major wealth, ability or itelligence.  Jesus demands our personal involvement in caring

 Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble.  Then your light will shine out from darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.  Isaiah 58: 10

These are simple acts of kindness.  We have no excuse to neglect those who have deep needs.  Just as we have received, so are we to give!  So today as you go about your way; remember where you are.  If you are not in jail and free to go about your day....count your blessing..........and pray for those less forunate.............and take advantage of every opportunity to share your faith...........and if you get the opportunity......go to jail..........


  1. I pray your ministering went well. There is such an opportunity there to minister. May God bless your faithfullness.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this post, Patty. I know all of those women are receiving blessings from your visits. I'm sure that most of them feel totally forsaken once they are locked behind those bars. I'll be praying for your ministry.

  3. I want to go with you sometime...if you wouldn't mind a tag along...Love ya Patty...my sunday school teacher, pastors wife and friend!


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