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Monday, May 10, 2010

On the road again......

My husband and I decided on Friday we would get away and ride the bike.  We planned a trip back home but at the last minute decided to do some sight-seeing in our new home area...........So we filled up the tank and started on our way......

Can you believe this filled up the tank?

And away we rode...........How beautiful!
we passed by this beautiful little church....I made Scott turn around so I could snap a pic.
So we got off and looked around.  That's our bike sitting under the tree.....

We hit the road again......riding up mountain roads....

and down Mountain roads
along rivers.......

And by a lake (this is Dewey Lake)
through several counties..........Pike, Floyd, Johnson, Martin

We had a great lunch at Jenny Wiley State Park

Yummy....fresh catfish.........

We missed our cut-off and saw this sign....Sometimes it is a good thing to go the wrong way.
So we followed the sign..........
around this little curvy road, we were chased by dogs and thought we were lost, so we turned around and stopped at this little post office.  The lady was so nice.  She gave us a hand drawn map that she had copied with the correct directions and here is what they said:
Follow the curvy road past the old caboose until you see the Church of Christ on the left.....keep going until you pass by Lorettas' Brother's Store...Webb grocery.
and keep going until you reach the rock with Butcher Holler wrote on it:

go toward the left and the drive way is just ahead:

up the driveway to the house:

and here it is.

Loretta's brother toured us through the house at a price of $5.00 each.  It was a wonderful tour with some really great personal stories......

Me and Loretta's brother.  He was a great tour guide.  Me in all my biker gear...Too funny! We left when a couple from Iowa and Ohio showed up to tour the home. Imagine that!

The outhouse and coal shed.......

It was a great trip...I was advise all to take the tour and meet Loretta's family.

We started on our way after fueling up again.....

We finally made it home to Pike County......
Enjoy and have blessed and Joyful day!


  1. Did you see what I posted on your facebook about Herman's daughter HermaLee being married to James' Uncle?

  2. What a fun trip! I absolutely love that little church! So glad you stopped for a picture of it! :)

  3. The catfish made me hungry. I love that old house and out buildings. I enjoyed you'r trip.


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