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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sweet Scripture Sunday....

As the scripture says, "Anyone who trusts in him will never be put to shame."  For there is no difference between Jew and Gentile-----the same Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses all who call on him.
Romans 10:11-12

Today I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a baby shower
for one of the girls
who came through the Rescue Mission we ran for many years.
Michelle came to the mission directly from jail.
She came in filled with anger, distrust and addiction.
After spending many months with us Michelle changed.
She put her trust in the Lord and was blessed.....
blessed with peace...
 A Hope for the future........
restoration of family......
and with Baby Hope.

Michelle had Allie (the sweet little blond in the pic above) when she came to the mission.
Due to drugs she was not the Mother she needed to be.
That changed when she found Jesus.
Michelle was also told the odds of her having anymore children
was very little.

But the Lord is Lord of all and richly blesses those who call upon him........
and now there is Hope....
Allie"s new baby sister.

I was also blessed to see a  few more of the girls who went through the mission and
their new little ones too.
God is good.
He does change lives!

Loretta and Landon.
Loretta came in addicted to Meth.
Now she is in College and a new Mother.

This is Samara.
Isn't she beautiful.
Her mother came in to the mission addicted to alcohol.
Her Mother admitted to me today that she still struggled with her addiction.
She knew it was wrong but the desires were still there.
Please pray for her with me.
Her name is Tanya.

Yes, these are just a few of the blessings in my life.
The Lord is indeed Lord of all!
He has truly blessed my life!



Update on Amy:
Prayers are being answered.
Amy is on the mend.
Her lungs are improving and Carolyn told me on Friday evening
they hope to have Amy out of ICU in two weeks
and into Rehab.
She was still heavily sedated.
Allowing her lungs more time to improve.
Another true blessing from the Lord!
Thanks Ladies.....
There is Power in Prayer!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sweet Scripture Sunday....

Update on Amy:

Carolyn (Amy's Mom) Amy (with the beautiful dark hair) and sophie (Amy's little dog).

Amy is still in the ICU.
She not only has the amputation to deal with
all three of the other limbs are broken.
The brake in her right arm will require surgery.
She is on a vent.
She is still not breathing on her own.
Apparently when she was slung 200 yards
into a tree.
She took a blunt force hit to her chest,
Which has affected her lungs.
She has a long road ahead.
When they found Amy,
they had to cut some of her beautiful hair
which was entangled in limbs.

Please continue to pray.
She does not know about anything that has happen
to her boyfriend, his family
or to her body.
She needs a touch from God at this time.
That's the wonderful thing about the Blog family.
I know you will pray.
I told Carolyn there were people praying for her all
over the United States.
She was so humbled and excited!

Be joyful in hope,
patient in affliction,
faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12

Thank you!



Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sweet Scripture Sunday....

...You, Oh Lord, are my refuge in the day of disaster.....
Jeremiah 17:17b  NIV

What do you do when all you have is nothing but a pile of rubble?

Friday was a day of disaster for our little hometown.
On Thursday evening the National Weather service issued a Tor-con level of 9
for our area.

Which means there is a 90% chance of a tornado.
 For me; that was enough reason
to make preparations for the worst.

My husband had to work on Friday, so I was at home alone.
My daughter and her husband decided to drive up from Knoxville
to weather the storm with me.

There were so many alerts and warning for this area,
 we decided to
head to my in-laws home
to weather the upcoming storm in the basement.
I am so glad we did!

There were two tornado's that hit our area.
Both of those were within 1-2 miles of my home.

The aftermath of the storm revealed many homes were completely destroyed.
Leaving so many homeless.
We soon heard several were dead.
Many were critically injured.
It was a devastating storm.

One of those critically injured was a 23 year old girl who was very close to us.
Her name is Amy.
Her Mother's name is Carolyn. 
 Amy was at her boyfriends home during
the tornado.  His name is Eric
This is her Mother's  story:

I called Amy who was at her boyfriends home.
I told her the weather was getting really bad.
 I felt she needed to come home now. 
Eric's home is a double-wide mobile home.
Not the safest place to be during a severe storm.
I felt she would be safer here in our home.
Amy said she would be okay and wanted to stay where she was.
I was still on the phone with Amy when I could hear a loud commotion in
the background.
I heard Eric's Mother yelling, "get in the hallway now!"
She screamed this out several times.
It was just a few seconds later that Amy's cell phone went dead.
I knew something was seriously wrong.
Carolyn quickly headed in the direction of Eric's home.
When they arrived there was nothing but rubble
and debris everywhere.
There was nothing left of the home.
The rescue teams would not let allow me to enter the area.
I explained that my daughter was in that home.
When they heard this, I was allowed to enter.
Eric's Mom and Dad were found
lying in the midst of the rubble.
They were both dead.
I reasoned in my heart that Amy was dead too.
After searching through the rubble of the home
 they did not find Amy.
I thought I would never see my daughter again.
She was later found several feet away from the home.
Amy's body was covered in blood.
It was then I saw her leg.
It was horrible.
 looked as if a 2x4 had blown through it.
She was critically injured,
but still breathing.

The make a long story short.
Due to her injuries,
Amy was air lifted immediately
to the University of Kentucky hospital.
Her leg was amputated.
One of her arms was broken and damaged seriously.
It required several hours of surgery.
They could not find Eric at first.
Eventually he was found and is also in UK hospital
He has many broken bones and internal injuries.
He is currently still in ICU.

Everything in the path of the tornado is gone!
Nothing but rubble......

I am blessed and thankful today.
Our home was spared.
We are all safe and unharmed.
Please pray for all those who have suffered much as a result of this storm.

Be thankful for what you have today
for tomorrow it could be gone!