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Sunday, December 30, 2012

As I began to take down the Decorations
several ornaments caught my eye........
and actually spoke out loud 
the desires my heart......
The first is this simple statement
written on a rectangle piece of wood......
it kinda says it all.....

The next.....
Psalm 29:11
The Lord blesses His people with peace....
Peace on Earth.....

The Joy of the Lord is my Strength... Nehemiah 8:10
Joy to the Word!
Hope: Confident Expectation (Biblical definition)
I Hope this upcoming year is the greatest for each of you!
This Big Snowman...
just because he is so cheerful and Happy!
LET IT SNOW.......
Yes, I am one of those "crazies" who loves snow!!!
last but least......
May God bless you all!
Many Wonderful Blessings for the Upcoming New Year!


  1. I have a confident expectation that this year will bring so much beauty, joy and grace to you all...happy New Year!

  2. Prayers that your New Year is Blessed and I loved this post!

  3. God bless you too! your strength and faith are so inspiring!!

    xo + blessings,
    Anne Marie

  4. Great post... :-) I'm so happy you came by... it gave me the opportunity to find you too..

    God bless you... and wishing you a wonderful, joyous and hopeful New Year...



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