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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day of Rest?

Today is Sunday and what is typically to be a day of rest once again has turned out to be a very busy day. We had one of the girls for this session show up hours early. She and her mother were here when we returned from lunch. Sooooooooooo, we spent the afternoon checking her in. Actually I have been in the office all afternoon. It is still exciting to meet the new girls and to finally put a face with all the info we have had for weeks. It is so funny the image we build in our minds of how they look. They always look so different from what you expect.

We are expecting two more girls in by 8:30 pm. L is returning for another session. She did not spend a full session with us last time. It was not a good thing as she did not do very well on her own. We knew she was not ready but what can you do. It is so very hard for them to stay away from the same "old friends" and the same "old places". We knew it would be hard for her and expected drugs to be a strong temptation for her at this. Thank God she has decided to return. J is coming with her from Indiana. It is amazing how girls hear of us so far away (God's in that too). The program will be new to her. She is 24 and the mother of two. She has being using heroin. As a matter of fact, she was high the day she called for her interview. I am sure she has used right up until she left to come here. I am praying that her detox will be easy. We ask for a 72 hour clean, but that does not always happen. It would be so easy to tell her to go away until she detoxed but this may be her only chance. We will take it as it comes and ask God to watch over it all. By this time tomorrow we will have a full house and ready to begin the new session.

I ask myself why God asks certain people to do certain things. How did we end up running a mission that takes care of women with life controlling issues. How do some of us get by doing little of nothing for kingdom while yet others sacrifice everything. I have to remind myself that Jesus paid it all. He sacrificed it all, I have come to understand that being a Christian is about more than just going to church. We have been doing this ministry for almost 4 years now and I have to say it is much more interesting than just going to church. When you open your heart and door to people in need, they will come. We have seen God do some supernatural things here. He has made much out of little. He has turned the water into wine (so to say). I guess the day of rest will really be when we get home (heaven). Meanwhile, we will do what He wants us to do. Go where He wants us to go and help who He wants us to help. The true rest will come in the end. See ya!

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