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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Spring has Sprung

As many of you know I go into the county jail on Mondays to lead a Bible study and twelve step program for the woman in the general population area. 
 I was surprised last Monday as the women filed into the small chapel area all decked out in their new bright pink suits. 
 I wish I could post a picture at this point but no camera's or pics allowed in jail, but I can tell you that "Spring has Sprung" in Jail......
it was great. 
The color looked something like the deep pink in this rose from my backyard.

How refreshing it was to see this beautiful pink instead of the typical jail colors of Gray and white or the burnt orange jumpsuits they have to wear to court. 
 It seemed as if the pink was helping them to forget where they were. I think they almost felt pretty. 
 It just reminded me of how God renews his creation with the season of Spring. 
The trees bud, the flowers bloom and all the dull gloomy days become bright with sun and color. 
 Even in the midst of a dark place he was able to allow a little glimpse of hope.  A little glimpse of Spring.

A jail is such a lonely place.  All the colors around you are dull and gray. 
A jail is a place of separation from the world outside and all the beauty and color of God's creation. 
 I hear this question time and time again, "why do you like to go into the jail?" 
 My answer, "it is not that I like it.  It is what God as told me to do."  I will admit, I do love my time there with the women.

  Even among all the hopelessness and despair. 
There is always one who just "gets it". 
One who God is waiting to transform into the beautiful creation he intended for them to be.
One who feels trapped and closed away from all the world. 
 One who feels confined to the darkness that has taken hold of their life. 
One who needs to hear the Words of truth. 
You might say, a chrysalis awaiting to become the beautiful butterfly. 

I pray, that I will always be faithful to bring the Word of truth to those around me. 
To those who read my blog, in my home and at my church.
I also want to be faithful to take this good news to those who may be behind bars,
the homeless,
to those trapped in addiction, abuse and neglect. 
To let "all" know there is hope and that hope is found in Jesus Christ. 
 He changes everything about us.....our past,
 our failures,
our hopelessness
 and yes even our color....our heart color. 
 He can take the dull gray and white of a heart trapped in the prison of sin and hopelessness
and recreate it into something beautiful!!!

2 Corinthians 5:17
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone and the new has come!

How about you?

Have you allowed Jesus to change your heart?




  1. I didn't realize that you helped with that type of ministry. What a blessing and light you are to those women. I'm sure many of them wish they had made different choices. It's a vicious cycle when there is neglect and abuse. There is hope in Christ! I appreciate what you do, Patty!

  2. Wow. I love this testimony. It blessed my heart. Thank you for doing this. I hope someone like you comes in to my loved ones life who has lost his way. You are a blessing.

  3. Yes! I am a Christian! I love the way you are going into the jail. Pink is meant to be a colour of calm...so glad the inmates feel a bit prettier..that would bring a little peace and joy to them too, hopefully making them more receptive to the Gospel!

  4. You are a blessing to so many, through you blog, now we find you do jail ministry. The women I know who do jail ministry are such special women. Patty, you must be too.

  5. God Bless you Patty and your Jail Ministry.
    We keep your ministry in our prayers. This is a beautiful post. God is truly able to do great things in their lives, if they are willing.

  6. Hey Patty,

    This post really touched home. You see last year a very dear friend of ours was killed and today was the sentencing of the boy who shot him. He recieved 60 years without parole. This walk has been a struggle, on one hand you there is forgiveness and on the other the pain is still so raw. I have been praying and will continue to pray for him. It is a comfort to know there are people who will go into a prison and spread the love of Christ. It is my prayer that this young comes to know the saving grace of our Father. That his time spent in prison will bear friut for God and he will find the peace he is so desperately seeking. Thank you for being the hands and feet of our Lord. Take care


  7. I have been following you for a while! I don't know why sometimes they don't show up...maybe the when I click at the top to follow when the followers button doesn't show up it doesn't happen! I re did it just now to make sure!
    thanks for the wonderful sweet comments all the time! I love visiting your blog. You are such a special person.

  8. Hi Patty! Thanks for visiting Marmee's Pantry! I gotta tell ya...I'm lovin' your blog already! All the primitives...love it.

    So great that you have the prison ministry. My husband used to minister w/a contemporary Christian singing group her was in. I went once w/them to sing...I have to admit that I was scared to pieces, being the only woman there. I'll leave going into the men's prisons to the men.

    BTW...I am 1st generation Buckeye from 2 KY parents! They were from the east/central part of KY, the Wrigley/West Liberty area. And I worked 2 summers at Lake Cumberland St Park in the late '70s. Beautiful. KY is a far unappreciated state.

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  9. Good Morning Patty, It's people like you that made this world a better place to live until we are called home..Beautiful post my friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  10. I, too, didn'tknow that you did a prison ministry like this!!!! I so felt your compassionate heart oozing through your post --- so much so that even the color of the women's suits concern you. From now on, you will especially be in my prayers on Mondays!!! Sometimes it takes God "trapping" us to get our attention and make us realize our need for Him.

    Wish I could go with you just once. I've never been in a prison and I'm amazed and wonder at it all. Why did this just take my breath away????

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog, Patty! I'm delighted to find discover your blog as well. What beautiful inspiration!


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