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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweet Scripture Sunday!!!

Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life,
to mind your own business and to work with your hands,
 just as we told you,
 so that your daily life
may win the respect of outsiders
and so that you will not be dependent on anybody.

I Thessalonians 4:11

I have had a productive and quiet Sunday.
After Church this morning I decided (since I was home alone)
to finish several painting projects that I had on hold for the past several months.
Actually, several of the plates I have had
 for a few years...
so, I started painting and before I knew it.....

Well, let me just show you.

five painted plates....

Two painted shovels........

Twelve Old decorated Spoons.......

16 handpainted signs..........

Another View.......

All of these are going to the my Boothe at the Vendor's Mall.

I have made enough money at the vendors mall to buy all the supplies needed
for my new bath in the Master bath.

Pay off some bills.

Buy some molding for several of our rooms.

A new couch and love seat for our small family room area.

Again,. the Word of God is prevalent for every part of our life.
If we are productive; we have what we need
If we are idle; we will always be in need.

"live in such a way
that those who know you
but do not know God
will come to know God because they know you.......

May your upcoming week be productive and may your life win the respect
of others........

Be Blessed!!!!



  1. Beautiful Patty. Those spoons and shovels are awesome. The plates too. Glad you had a good day. Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Oh, Patty- you paint the way I do- love it! I need to find some wooden plates to work on- those came out so good.
    Glad you are doing well selling your things. We do not have a craft mall anywhere around here anymore where you can get a booth. Sad ;(.
    Love your words of wisdom and faith today. I will try to heed these this week and see what I can get done here.
    Blessings- Tete

  3. You have really inspired me!! I love all of your creations. The scripture and thoughts are beautiful as well. Have a wonderful week, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. -Tammy

  4. Great words to live by! and your paintings are beautiful. Love it.

  5. Love the scripture. Beautiful crafts! Wish I lived close! I would buy some. :)!

    Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog.

    I cannot post any way but anony. here. Not sure what I am doing wrong...but glad to be able to post. :)

  6. Wow, Patty! I'm really impressed! You are really talented with your painting! And my goodness, you were one busy gal! I love it all! I know your booth would be a favorite of mine! The only vendors mall/craft mall/antique mall that is near by us doesn't have alot of the stuff I love, but there are a couple of favorite ones that I head to when we walk in! God has really blessed your efforts and shows his promise in scripture to be true! That's wonderful!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    (And I just now realized that you were over a homeless shelter...how awesome! We would like to volunteer to serve this Christmas Eve at a homeless shelter)! :)

    Hugs and Blessings,

  7. Patty, your talent amazes me, you can do it all. Blessings. Have a great Thanksgiving!


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