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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sweet Sunday Scripture....

There is nothing that smells better than fresh apples cooking
on the stove...
The house smells like Fall...
A little nutmeg....

Of course you have to have Fresh biscuits with those
fried apples......

Another wonderful Smell....
Bread baking in the oven...
Again.... YUM!

Buttery brown biscuits and fried apples....
It pleases the palette
Just as the Lord pleases the soul and body....
There is nothing Sweeter than the work of the Lord in our lives....
If you haven't had a little taste of His goodness...
I would challenge you to read
Psalms 34:8
Taste and see that the LORD is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.
It does not mean "check out and see God's credentials".
It is a warm invitation to...
"try it, I know you'll like it"
When we take the first step of obedience in following God,
we will descover that he is good and kind...
When we begin the Christian life,
our knowledge of God is partial and incomplete.
As we trust him daily,
we truly experience how good He is!
I have tasted His Goodness!
Won't you;
"Taste and See that the Lord is Good!"


  1. What a beautiful way to present the gospel Patty! I'm blessed to have read it and of course, see those apples cooking. I love apples in any way shape or form. I can't wait for those fall apple orchard trips.:)

  2. Hi Patty,
    Oh my those apples looked yummy and so did the biscuits.
    Thanks for the scriptures.

  3. Delicious! I'm on my way over! :) It does smell so heavenly when you cook down apples. It totally smells like fall!

    PS - I would love to help you get a flock started! Too bad we aren't neighbors because I would totally make that happen :)

  4. YUM!! That takes me back to my grandma's Southern cookin'! :)

  5. Patty, I cook apples and make biscuits often. Love the smell of apple butter cooking in the oven too. Cannot wait to make it. Praying for the loan to go through.

  6. The Lord is good! Fried apples are a family favorite and yours looks delicious!

  7. The best! Apples and biscuits are so good together. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  8. I just found your blog. It is so lovely.



  9. Oh, Patty, that sounds wonderful and I bet the smell was too..Happy Thursday..Judy

  10. Hi Patty. I just tried to leave a thank you for your comment to me, but the server sent it back. I don't quite understand what that is all about but will tell you here. I appreciate your kind words and yes, my garden does react naturally. I'm not very good at pruning, etc. Your fried apples sound so good and I bet the smell was something..Happy Thursday..Judy

  11. I agree! Nothing better than the smell of apples.. cider, cake, or just baked apples. I'm looking forward to fall!

  12. Hi Patty! I've missed out on a lot here - again! Thanks for the wonderful reminders, about God's Word.. and fried apples and biscuits ;) Oh my, sounds like just what I'm going to use some of my extra wt watcher points for this weekend :D Have a blessed holiday weekend! -Tammy

  13. Hi Patty,
    Oh...I love these wonderful smells too! I think it makes everyone in the house happy when it smells yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Nothing better than homemade biscuits, except maybe the smell of cooking apples!


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