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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sweet Sunday Blessings...

 As I was weeding and clipping in my front garden the other day..
I noticed a wide variety of the color purple..

From hanging baskets to pots.....

Along with the roses, vines and other flowers....

Lots of beautiful purples.....

In the Bible time and time again..
the color purple represents royalty....

The color, purple,
 is also found in many things pertaining to the tabernacle and temple.
 Often in the temple it was used in combination with other colors 
such as blue, red, gold, and white.

I have many of those colors in my garden too...

side note:  please ignore my clipping scissors in the pot...:)
Just keeping it real.....

How amazing that God would include all these beautiful colors
as a gentle reminder of Who He Is....

Jesus was clothed in purple as a sign of royalty,
but in mockery of His claim to be the promised Messiah
and heir to the throne of David...
You can read about that in Mark 15:17&20.
By the way...
I believe him to be the Kings of Kings......

One of my favorite scriptures which pertains to women.....
Is the Proverbs 31 passage...
It is referred to by many as the.....
"Proverbs 31 Woman" 

In this we can find a description 
of a "virtuous" woman of those days,

Virtuous: having or showing high moral standards.
Righteous, good, pure...

This is a challenge to women of God
of any age and time.....

One specific verse speaks of how she was clothed......

Proverbs 31:22
She makes her own bed coverings;
her clothing is fine linen and purple.

As women of God...
Just as a beautiful purple flower stands out among all the rest......

We were meant to "stand out"...
In a beautiful way.....
Our life a reflection of the Lord.....

Difficult in today's world...

I mess up often...:(
I do not always "stand out" as I should......

I am not perfect but daily being perfected.....
Just seeking to serve my Lord with honor.....
and hopefully....
Spreading a little purple as I go.....
After all, I am "HIS" Princess...




  1. What a beautiful post! You have your own sanctuary there too!

  2. Your garden looks so pretty and I totally agree with this post today.

  3. Such a lovely Sunday post! I love purple flowers. I actually haven't bought any yet (late I know) and was thinking about which colours I should get. Well purple it is! And every time I see them I will thinks about Jesus, the King of all Kings!

  4. Beautiful post with much to think about! I love how you share from your heart. Is this your garden? It is lovely, lovely, lovely! And I am reminded that I have not planted sweet potato vine yet --- and I LOVE sweet potato vine! I will plant some this week! ;) Enjoy a blessed day!

  5. Beautiful, Patty! The Lord is using you out there in cyberspace. In the precious, holy name o Jesus, folks will come to know the Lord more intimately through your words and testimony! Have a most abundantly blessed day!

  6. Hi Patty, this is such a beautiful post illustrated by your gorgeous garden filled with many colors but the purple stands out in all it's glory. I l love purple to and it is my birthstone color.
    Thank you for sharing your heart. Wishing you a lovely week filled with many blessings.

    Hugs from Texas

  7. Oh Patty, you are a treasure - thank you for these words today. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and may I just say that your flowers/yard are gorgeous!

    Hugs to you, sweet lady!

  8. What a sweet post Patty! I want to be clothed in purple too, as a royal daughter of the King of Kings! :) I would love for you to share it on our link up tomorrow!

  9. Patti, you "stand out" through your beautiful posts and all the encouraging comments you leave. Your flowers are lovely. He teaches us so much through His creation, and the way you took the purple flowers and tied it to scripture was a blessing.

  10. What a beautiful post and lovely message. Clothed in purple..always loved that passage! I love the wisdom of Proverbs and yes it is hard sometimes to live up to the picture in chapter 31...but such a great goal to strive for! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous garden.
    Miss Bloomers

  11. This was such a lovely post! Thank you for linking it up with us! I hope you join us again next Monday (and thank you also for sharing our button :) Have a wonderful weekend ~ JES

  12. all around lovely. I needed this refreshment this morning...in so many ways. thank you!!

  13. Beautiful post. Thanks for the reminders. The plants are beautiful. The scissors were a great touch! I enjoyed visiting you. I am following you now.
    Have a Blessed Sunday,

  14. My gosh you have a green thumb! What breathtaking landscaping. I've always wanted to get a cottage garden look like this. Beautiful!

  15. Beautiful post and pictures. When I read Proverbs 31, I often think of the person observing this virtuous woman and writing about her. She probably never expected/knew that one day she would be an inspiration to many women, all because her Godly life was observed. Thanks for this inspiring post.

  16. Evening Patty, What beautiful gardens you have! One of my favorite things is a garden~~~You've captured it nicely with Proverbs 31! Oh, how I desire to be that woman for the Lord! I pray things have been wonderful for you.....I will be soooo happy when we move and be settled sometime in Aug. Blessings~~~Roxie

  17. Patty you have such a beautiful garden. It certainly shows the love you give it..Happy 4th..Judy

  18. I loved this post Patty and so glad I discovered your blog. Stop by GardenUp green for Tuesday's with a Twist this coming week because I will be featuring Sweet Sunday Blessings. Have great weekend! -Carole


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