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Monday, January 5, 2009

What a day.......

Today was check-in day at the mission. We now have 7 of the 8 girls that were expected. The girl that was coming from jail did not show up. I guess she either changed her mind or did not get release to come. We kinda expected her not to show as she did not send all the information we require. So, we have one bed still open. Maybe more tomorrow. Sometimes they check in and then check out quickly. One is in bed detoxing. One is struggling with staying put. Detoxing is not easy and being away from home is not easy. The rest are trying to just hang in there. I think we have a good group. Only time will tell. I spent some time praying for them and actually anointed the girl detoxing with oil. I asked her if she would mind and she said to go ahead. They all seem to be open. As I prayed for J, they were very attentive. A few even said they got cold chills. I pray that God will do a miraculous work in her body tonight. That would really boost her faith and the faith of the others.

We had two more calls today about girls who want in so I feel all beds will be filled. Michelle and Tanya did well today. I pray God open their hearts toward this ministry. It is not easy. I finally made into our apartment around 10:00 pm. Michelle and Tanya want to help. They just need more time to learn how to give more of themselves to others. This ministry is one of sacrifice and is not always easy. It was a very busy and draining day but we made through.

I am excited to see what God does in each of the lives of the new girls. I have seen Him do amazing things in others. I am also excited to get to know the families of the new girls. I hope to personally share Jesus with each of them. So many of the girls have major needs. I hope and pray that God opens doors and closes doors as needed for each of them. The children are so precious and I pray that the Mommas to do what they need to do in order to be together again. Many times they have so many hang ups that if God does not step in and do it, then it will not happen. Well another day in the life of a mission and what a day it has been. Good night........

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