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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sweet Scripture Sunday!!!

My Granddaughters came in yesterday with a tomato in hand. 
 They were so excited, yet a little disappointed at finding only one tomato! 
 One beautiful red tomato sits alone on the shelf over my sink. 
The plants are hanging full of fruit, but only one tomato was ripe and ready! 
How much longer before they are ready? 
 Can we eat the green ones?
Will they be ready tomorrow, Nana?
Trying to explain to them things like this take time was not an easy task. 
 I am sure they will go to the garden each day (while they are here) to see if another tomato is ready.

In Galatians Chapter 6 verses 9 and 10.
 Paul reminds us that things or people do not always change overnight (as we want them to). 
 "Let us not grow weary in doing good,
for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. 
 Therefore, as we have opportunity,
let us do good to all people,
especially to those who belong to the family of believers."

Gardening is such a busy job and requires much work. 
We plant.,
 we weed,
 we water,
 we weed,
  we water,
and just when you are ready to give up.......
.....then comes the harvest.

Much the same way is our labor for the Kingdom,
with one exception, we do not always get to reap the harvest,
 yet, we are still to do the work.
The ministry I have had part in over the past several years
can be very stressful and tiring.
 Pouring your life into individuals
who time and time again walk back to the ways of the world (drugs, alcohol, poverty).
and then.......
You see it.....
Or hear of it.......
After hours and days of labor......
They get it!
They want it!
A life changes in an instant.

Just like that one beautiful red tomato on my shelf,
the harvest of a soul is a beautiful thing.
A display of God's love and Power!

Even though you did not get reap the harvest you know your labor was not in vain.

To all my blogger friends.
Never give up!
Do not grow Weary.
Keep on doing good.
and in due season the harvest will come.

Given to me by the family of a 17 year old who was to addicted to heroin. 
I spent so much time and effort with her and almost gave up so many times.
Today, she is a Christian and is clean!!!! Yahoooo!
I am glad I continued to labor for her soul.
A harvest for the Kingdom.




  1. Patty, this was just what I needed today!Sometimes it seems our labors futile and it is easy to grow weary.Thanks for the reminder, even if we do not get to reap the harvest we are still commanded to witness and do the work.

  2. Beautiful post! And so true. Blessings. Remember, John Mcternan will be on NTEB blog talk radio at 9:00 tonight, you can click on the NTEB button from his blog, if you are home by 9:00. Last week the chat room was smeared by someone who was vulgar and they closed it, but you could still listen to the program. I don't know if we can make it home by 9:00 or not, Bob is preaching in McCreary Co. Have a great week.

  3. What a beautiful testimony! This posts means a lot to me. Thank you for sharing this!!! I love it.

  4. Thank God, we do not labour alone! We all have a part in helping Him build His kingdom and He gives us everything we need to do it and He changes lives..so good!

  5. thank you so much for the word of encouragement! I so love reading your blog!!! In His love,

    Mrs a

  6. I'm a day late, but I needed this TODAY, not yesterday, and not tomorrow -- just today. I can't tell you what an encouragement this is to me. Thank you so much, Patty!

  7. Patty I love this! A beautiful analogy and so true. Thank you so much. I so glad God lead me to your blog.

  8. What a wonderful ending to a beautiful post! God used you in that young girls life and all I kept thinking is Wow! Thank goodness you were there and never gave up!

  9. Dear Patty, how did I miss this post.
    It is beautiful and I love the analogy too...it was perfect.

  10. Wonderful insight! Isn't it amazing when God gives us these illustrations with everyday life...if we are open to Him and see them.

    We are beginning a ministry to those who are addicted through our Church. It is much needed in our community and in God's timing.

  11. I am glad I found your blog on Google searching for something else. I am one of your followers now.


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