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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Its late Summer.....
The days are shorter.......
The evenings are getting cooler....
The flowers of Summer are slowing fading.......

In just a few short weeks....
All this color will be gone......

For today....
 Enjoy the blooms.........


Happy Summer Days......
While they last......

May each day be filled with lots of blooms and blessings!


  1. Beautiful shots of your garden friend! And you are so right....savor these last bits of summer!!! Happy week to you!! Nicole xoxo

  2. Patty all your flowers are so pretty!!!!
    Fall is coming quickly. I am planning for next year plantings already. Gets me through the Winter.

  3. Hi Patty,
    Thanks for another 'lovely' post. I love coming here!

  4. During the cold days of winter, we will be wishing for this color back. Gorgeous pictures.Hope your vacation was wonderful and you are energized and ready for fall. We go back in Sept and I get excited thinking about it.

  5. Beautiful photos. God will give us different color soon, in the warm colors of Autumn. You have a perfect view to enjoy. I am so ready.

  6. I love your pictures. This summer has went by slow and fast for us. It seems redoing this kitchen is taking forever, but where did the summer go. The kitchen is almost done and I will be able to enjoy the Fall and work in my garden or at least get it ready for next year.

  7. This post reminded me of how short our lives are. Like a flower, I too will fade away.
    I hope you enjoy these last few weeks of summer this year. I'm planning to enjoy every minute possible. Hugs to you.
    ~ Lauren

  8. Your gardens are gorgeous and I love that pink pig!

  9. I love the beautiful summer pics!

  10. Your gardens are lovely, Patty. I especially liked the heals, very cute.
    My summer has come and gone way to quickly. We have been having rain and cooler weather here in the Colorado mountains. Snow on the high mountains this morning. I'm not quite ready for that yet.
    Enjoy the last of these beautiful summer days.
    God's blessings, Debbie

  11. Your flowers are beautiful. Love the shoes and all your garden decor!

  12. Patty,

    Your flowers are gorgeous! Enjoy them while you can. It was pretty chilly this morning.

  13. Wow, your flowers are just beautiful, Patty! I know you'll be sad to see them go. I'll probably be replacing and filling my currently dead, brown, & weedy-filled pots with lots of color just about the time yours are going to rest for the winter. Some things actually survive our hot summer, but they look dead until you start digging around under all the brown stuff and discover green. We keep everything watered on an automatic system, because you just never know what's going to grace us with beauty once again.!

  14. Yes, I am savoring the fragrance of the roses here! Enjoy each day as a gift from God!!

  15. Hi Patty~

    Sooooo pretty! I have to say - I just love the high heels! Summer is slipping away, I can feel it in the air! The highs this week will only be in the upper 70's here in my neck of the woods, I think I better enjoy it while I can!

    Hugs and Blessings,

  16. Hi Patty!
    Love the whimsy in your garden.
    Enjoy the last days of summer...and the beautiful change of seasons!
    Blessings to you!

  17. love your pigs . . . love your garden . . . loved reading your story at JCC.

    I live in California where we are experiencing a multiple year drought so I long longingly at your garden. If we had rain, my garden would be pretty too!

  18. How nice to have been introduced to you by Kris. I'm a Kentucky girl, too. Love those high heels. They gave me a giggle. xo Laura

  19. Hi Patty, I just love seeing your blooms and those shoes just are so cute in the garden. I may have to try that one next spring.
    Just visited your spotlight feature and loved it.
    Wishing you a Happy September.
    Many Blessings!!

  20. Hi Patty! Just read your feature over at Kris' blog. Such beautiful pictures! You have a lovely garden and home. I look forward to reading back through your blog posts.

  21. Your gardens are just gorgeous, Patty! I'm delighted to have met you over at Kris' today, so I just had to come by for a visit.
    Happy to be a new follower,
    Mary Alice


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