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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Look at this........

Can you believe this?
My daffodils are bursting forth and wanting to bloom!

The unseasonal weather has these tiny little bulbs fooled.
They think it is Spring.

Just praying these little beauties are tough enough to stand Old Man Winter
when he decides to show up.

A good lesson to learn here:
May we all learn to bloom wherever we may be planted.
Regardless of weather, place or time!




  1. How true Patty. Mine are budding too, and some potted mum are greening out with buds. I couldn't believe it.

  2. My daffodils are coming up also, but no blooms. Spring will be here before we know it.

  3. Patty ~~ Love it, the Flowers & Your Comment !!
    I too pray they can hang on if and when
    Winter comes knocking at our door.
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

  4. My goodness, your daffodils are so confused. Someone needs to remind them that it's January!

  5. Patty,
    When I was still living in Oregon, we had something similar happen about ths same time last year. There was a beautiful, pink saucer Magnolia tree around the corner from my apartment. We had an unusual streak of warm weather in January...and they flowers bloomed and were gone later, when winter made a late appearance. However, in spite of its early bloom, it was just gorgeous!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  6. Poor babies are so confused! Here on the news they were showing new dandelions budding up. It has been an unusual winter here too. Have a great end of the week! Deb

  7. Wow..I hope the little flowers and hope they survive. We had the same thing here and my pot of Petunias were still blooming in Jan. Might be that they are a little bit protected. I didn't put them there with the plans that they would live longer. Really some strange weather we are having everywhere. I hope it doesn't snow in July when we are planning to move. My Mother told me they had snow in Chicago in June when I was 1 yr old. I can never count on weatherman to tell the truth because I don't think he really knows.

  8. Oh my- that is too early for that to be happening! Hope they can go back to sleep.
    Our weather here is totally crazy this winter!
    We should always be blooming, no matter the weather. Great lesson on life.

  9. Oh My, It sure is the weather. This has been a strange winter. My husband and I aren't going to complain because we live in a small country town in Mass, and we had SO MUCH S-N-O-W last winter it is okay by us.
    We are moving in about 7 years and right in the mountains of Tenn., we can't wait to leave Mass and all the HURRY, HURRY people.
    We live a simply life and we can't wait to build our dream home and our sons are coming too.
    Our oldest is 20 in college and our youngest just turned 17 and is in high school.They LOVE Tenn. as well. We are country pumpkins. The only reason why we live here is because of my husband work!
    God Bless you and your family.
    Have a wonderful, blessed day!

  10. Hi Patty, Same thing happening here in Ga. And the temp today is suppose to reach 70 with storms on the way. I so miss our COLD winter weather. I am so scared that all the tender vegetation will be killed as I am sure we will have more cold temps later. Maybe Spring?? Have a great day.

  11. My cherry laurel trees are full of white blossoms and the other trees have new leaves, etc. Buster is grazing like a cow finding the tender new shoots of grass. It's crazy. It was freezing cold for a while, and now today, it is 85 degrees. Usually, the trees will freeze back again and then rebud. I don't know about bulbs, etc. Even the bees are out, happy to find the blossoms on the trees. Crazy!!!! I don't complain, as we don't have to use the heat or the air conditioner. I call these "free days." Love your thought about blooming where we are planted, hot or cold.

  12. Thanks for the sweet reminder to bloom where planted. :) Regardless of circumstances.

  13. Same here...A good lesson indeed...blessings


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